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Retain clients and increase loyalty

Issue quotes and answer questions . LeO will be there for your clients when you're not available. 



Automate administrative tasks

Focus on value

LeO coordinates appointments and collects client information automatically so you can focus on the most important issues. 


Data-driven offers

Increase sales

LeO gets to know your clients and recommends insurance products that meet their needs, in real time.


Be everywhere

Communicate easily

LeO helps complement your in-person and on the phone service by engaging clients on the platforms they use on a daily basis.


Insurance + AI =  ❤
LeO’s wide range of skills works for you anytime and anywhere

Don’t ever worry about availability. LeO answers questions, provides quotes, and updates policies around the clock - making it more convenient for  you and your clients.meetleo



Renters insurance

Effective communication is the key to any relationship. Use LeO to renew policies, send personalized promotional offers, payment reminders and more - increasing customer trust and satisfaction.

renew policies​

 promotional offers

payment reminders

Know exactly what to sell and when to sell it. LeO collects and analyzes data from conversations, social media, and 3rd party sources to help you get your clients the coverage they need. 

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