LeO empowers insurance agencies and carriers with conversational AI

Sell more policies, collect leads, automate

customer service operations

Live 24/7 availability

Give better service to your clients and increase the capacity of your service. LeO will be there for your clients when you're not available. 



Automate admin tasks

Coordinates appointments, collect claims, client information, issue certificates, so you could focus on priority tasks.


Grow your business

Generate leads, sell more policies, use LeO to increase the capacity of your business activities.

Add another channel

Add another communication channel, allowing your clients to instantly interact with your agency while doing other stuff.


  • Increase sales operation by launching proactive cross-sell and up-sell campaigns

  • Generate leads by launching campaigns suggested by LeO's BI, driven by  your AMS/CRM book



Renters insurance

  • Reduce costs by automating customer service operations, allowing the agency personal to focus on priority tasks

  • Close service gaps by moving to 24/7 availability

  • Improve customer retention and the connection with your brand by offering simple and personal experiences to customers 




  • Create and manage cross-sells, leads, renewals campaigns

  • Gain insights, analyze interactions, performance and increase the value of the service to your clients   

  • Customize your white-labeled chatbot

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