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LeO's Vision

Empowering insurance professionals to reach their full potential

The insurance industry is rapidly evolving, emphasizing the adoption of technology to refine and expedite the customer experience.
Modern insurance agents, financial advisors, and professional salespeople require immediate, customized solutions that align with their unique sales strategies.
Established in 2017, LeO was developed to equip sales professionals, agents, and brokers with the tools they need to accurately identify and understand prospects before initiating contact. This strategic approach allows them to specialize further in their niches, enhancing their sales effectiveness.

The LeO Team

Liri Halperin Segal profile picture

Liri Halperin Segal

CEO & Founder

Saar Miron profile picture

Saar Miron


Scott Angel profile picture

Scott Angel

VP Sales

Orit Golbari profile picture

Orit Golbari


Ofir Alperstein profile picture

Ofir Alperstein

Director of Sales

Yuval Katz profile picture

Yuval Katz

Senior Data Scientist

Tarin Waizman profile picture

Tarin Waizman

Director of Product Management

Shay Palachy profile picture

Shay Palachy

VP Data Science

Beth Jarecki profile picture

Beth Jarecki

Marketing Consultant

Guy Ambar profile picture

Guy Ambar

Senior Tech Lead

Yishai Zohar profile picture

Yishai Zohar

QA Engineer

Vlady Spivakov profile picture

Vlady Spivakov

Senior Frontend Developer

LeO's Advisors

LeO has developed a sophisticated AI-driven platform, meticulously designed to identify and align with each user's specific expertise, actively surfacing relevant and opportune leads to bolster their business portfolio.
Our "Personal AI Sales Assistant" seamlessly melds with a diverse array of data ecosystems, including agency management systems and premier external insurance intelligence networks, guaranteeing that insurance agents gain straightforward access to essential insights about prospective clients and opportunities.

Enhanced for compatibility across multiple platforms (mobile and desktop), and designed to integrate effortlessly with leading CRMs, our platform streamlines the process of nurturing leads through the sales funnel.
As a visionary insurtech startup, LeO is committed to supporting our clients in the insurance industry as they navigate the path of innovation and modernization. We deeply value your experiences and insights, and are dedicated to crafting solutions that meet your dynamic needs.

Frank Sentner profile picture

Frank Sentner

Evan Munsing profile picture

Evan Munsing

Moshe Tamir profile picture

Moshe Tamir

Stuart Kaplan profile picture

Stuart Kaplan

Amir Shevat profile picture

Amir Shevat

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