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Optimizing Agency Workflows: The Perfect Alignment of LeO and AgencyZoom. Tune in to the Podcast!

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Our CEO, Liri Halperin, had the privilege of being invited to the Vertafore podcast alongside one of our esteemed customers, Dean Giem, Founder of Paradox Insurance. Together, they

discussed how LeO and AgencyZoom can revolutionize your agency's workflow with minimal effort required from you.

LeO is your ultimate assistant in finding the perfect prospects. It provides comprehensive details such as contact information (including email and phone numbers) and vital insurance data that give you compelling reasons to reach out. From Workers' Compensation data to X-dates and OSHA information, LeO equips you with the insights you need to make impactful calls/emails to prospects.

Once you identify a promising prospect on LeO, effortlessly push them to your preferred pipeline in AgencyZoom with just a click of a button. Streamlining your workflow has never been easier.

At LeO, we're dedicated to enhancing your agency's efficiency and effectiveness, empowering you to achieve greater success.

Don't miss out! Book a demo at LeO today and take advantage of our special promotion exclusively for AgencyZoom users. Offer valid until the end of this month!

Discover Dean's Success Story: Leveraging LeO's AI to Build His Scratch Agency

  • Gain insights into Dean's motivation for starting a scratch agency

  • Unlock the power of rich 3rd party data to gain a comprehensive understanding of your prospects' coverage gaps before your first meeting

  • Harness the potential of AI to strategically ask your clients for targeted referrals

  • Master the art of implementing a smarter cross-selling strategy And much more!

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