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Meet LeO: Prospecting

Every time we demo LeO for someone new, there are a handful of features and capabilities that people get really excited about. So we thought we’d highlight some of the things that capture agents’ attention in a new blog series we’re calling Meet LeO. Today’s Meet LeO focus is on Prospecting.

If you’re an agent focused on growing your book of business and maximizing your sales potential, prospecting is an important part of your job. Finding ways to identify and reach out to potential new customers is key to expanding your client roster – and whether you prefer to cold call, send direct messages on LinkedIn, or engage in content marketing, you’re probably putting a decent amount of energy each week into qualifying, engaging, and converting prospects.

But this is all easier said than done. Research shows that 36% of new producers quit within the first 12 months, and one of the main reasons for quitting that they cite is a lack of money to invest in leads. In other words, they’re running out of prospects.

Most of the agencies we speak to don’t currently have integration with a prospecting tool. The CRM they use may have integration, but not for prospecting. So when they hear that LeO makes it easy to link prospecting to their current book of business, they get understandably excited. Because LeO already has integration with the agency’s AMS, it can match the information about current clients with data about prospects with similar profiles, creating very targeted prospect lists that save agents time.

Not only does LeO help agents to build a prospect list, within LeO’s search settings, users can build out their Future Ideal Client list (FIC). Prior to accessing over 40 million businesses, users set the parameters for their ideal client; parameters like MAS (minimum account size) and TAS (target account size) by employee size and region. LeO not only generates an FIC list in a matter of seconds based on those parameters, but also includes recommended coverage types to make that first sales outreach a breeze.

With the heavy lifting to identify the right prospects taken care of, all that’s left for the agent to do is engage them. From the outset, they’ll have the information in hand to make targeted and personalized connections that have the potential to lead to smart sales.

Prospecting can be a pressure-filled proposition; after all, without new clients, your business will never grow. So having the tools to help you identify the right prospects – those whose needs and pain points you are prepared to address – is essential for every insurance agent. No wonder they get excited when we show them what LeO can do.

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