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Working From Home? A Chatbot Can Help!

We frequently hear from insurance agents and carriers that they’re planning to think about automation “soon.” It’s not that the industry hasn’t been interested in the idea of automation – it just hasn’t always been an immediate priority. That’s about to change.

As coronavirus infection rates increase globally, much of the world is now scrambling to figure out ways to practice social distancing and keep companies running smoothly at the same time. From Israel to Europe to North America, many companies have instructed employees to work from home. The insurance industry is no exception.

Work from home arrangements can play an important role in tackling the spread of coronavirus. But with this rapid shift in the way companies conduct business will come many challenges. One that the insurance industry will face immediately is providing continued customer support. Due to regulations and security concerns, many CSRs won’t have remote access to the customer service systems that they regularly use in the office. Yet their customers will still have questions. There will still be claims to process. There will still be certificates to issue.

How can the insurance industry address this unexpected challenge? The answer lies in automation!

Chatbots provide a turnkey solution for automating many standard customer support functions, from claims handling and certificates to changes in policies and Q&A. A bot is easy to implement, and it requires no special remote access permissions to remain operational. During this interrupted period, a chatbot can keep things running smoothly, making it possible for you to continue to effectively address your customers’ ordinary needs even during extraordinary times.

Are you among the many who have been putting off automation for someday soon? Maybe this is a good time to dive in, both for the immediate benefits and for the added value of positioning your organization to come back stronger after these crazy times. Want to learn more about chatbots and how they can help in times like this? Please get in touch to meet LeO!

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