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Meet LeO: More Time for Selling

Globally, producers spend far too much time scouring for commercial prospects. Agents looking to grow their book of business perform time-consuming preliminary measures to secure a prospect, painstakingly matching criteria, business objectives, contact information, location, and more.

It doesn’t have to be so hard. LeO facilitates producers’ hunt for commercial prospects by significantly reducing this investment of time. Where finding prospects once took hours, LeO’s technology matches your current book of business to over 40 million commercial prospects within seconds.

By compressing time and accelerating results, LeO acts as the automated stand-in for producers. This removed step of commercial prospect research allows for more time to sell products, and effectively improves your business operations.

With LeO, you can access millions of commercial prospects based on your current book of business. LeO’s AI engine automates the creation of prospect lists by introducing producers to prospects that meet their personalized criteria via specifications like SIC, NAIC, Geographic Area, Employee Size, as well as Recommended Coverage types. And it couldn’t be easier to use. Simply pick up your phone and use your voice or text to ask LeO “show me prospects relevant to me”, and LeO will return the data within seconds.

Time is money, and LeO sets the stage for producers to capitalize on its technology’s rapid results, empowering agents to reach their full potential. While you’re out there meeting with clients and growing your business, LeO is hard at work behind the scenes, automatically notifying you of renewals, x-dates, and building referral lists to keep your business growing.

Save your time for direct interactions with your clients and prospects and let LeO do the rest of the work for you. LeO’s personal AI sales wizard seamlessly interfaces with agency management systems and third-party data sources to give insurance agents easy access to information about existing and potential customers and business opportunities, facilitating the lead generation process and giving you time back to make the sale.

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