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Meet LeO: Cross Selling

Increasing revenue is a never-ending priority for insurance agents. Successful cross selling accomplishes revenue goals and improves customer satisfaction simultaneously, making this an important component of your business development strategy.

Whether your preferred cross selling approach leverages bundle sales, additional products or services, or promotions, the marketing of additional products to your existing customer base is best achieved when you are armed with data-driven suggestions. That’s where LeO’s Artificial Intelligence capabilities comes in.

As the insurance industry’s first producer tool that uses AI, LeO allows agents to increase revenue per relationship in their current book of business by guiding the producer to form a business plan based on individual and team selling trends. Agents can access the data they need on the device of their choosing and retrieve data using voice commands or simply touch the screen for a report or searches already saved by the producer.

Agents tell us that the capacity to quickly and intuitively cross sell directly from their phone is a feature that sets LeO apart. Though cross selling abilities are provided in most agency management systems, the workflow to acquire the data can be time consuming and usually requires multiple reports. LeO’s AI technology not only brings the data to the device of your choice, it also “remembers” the data that you use on a regular basis and makes suggestions based on your usage.

Top performing agencies make ongoing strategic investments in people, analytics, and systems which further boost their growth and resiliency. Effective data, analytics and resources can help drive successful outcomes for top firms to organically outpace, outperform and outgrow the competition with data-driven insights and proven sales strategies for success. LeO’s cross selling capabilities are a perfect example of a resource that can put your business ahead of the pack.

To learn more about LeO’s powerful capabilities, sign up for your own demo.

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