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  • Liri Halperin

How to Show Clients You Care in 2020

LeO January Blog

How to Show Clients You Care in 2020

Insurance is sadly known for its poor communication and confusing language, which is ironic since it’s one of the most important things in life to understand. Insurance is an incredibly personal area for a family financially. It determines how someone is going to pick up the pieces after a life-altering situation like a car accident, fire or a death. Deciding on insurance means deciding how your life will be after one of these situations. And your insurance agent is the one who helps you decide.

This is big stuff. At LeO, we are helping agents and brokers strengthen their relationships with customers. Our simple-to-use chatbots allow insurers to interact with their customers in a friendly way, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. LeO helps people feel financially secure by making the insurance industry more accessible. As the only chatbot that specializes in insurance, we understand insurance, but we also understand human emotion and the importance of relationships.

As we enter 2020, here are three ways for brokers to use technology to improve client relationships:

  1. Think of them. Sounds old school, but remember major life events like birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries and reach out when something comes up like a major weather event. Technology makes this easy. Send the message that you care, but also engage and interact, and find out what’s new.

  2. Ask questions. Show that you are here to protect them and that you care by inquiring about life changes. Are they planning to move, have a new baby, or make a big career shift? Have they acquired new valuable items such as watches or jewelry? This is critical data for you, and it helps you to better protect them. Save time on “follow up calls,” and maintain a personal touch through your agency’s virtual assistant powered by LeO. Your client will be able to update you in their free time, without an intrusive call at the wrong time. We’ve found that clients often feel more comfortable sharing sensitive information with a bot than with a person they don’t know very well at a time that is not convenient for them.

  3. Be innovative. By embracing technology, you are making life easy for clients and improving their overall experience working with you. Use technology to let them know you’ll be there for the long haul. Show that your firm will still be thriving in years to come, because you are modernizing for the future and future generations of clients.

We wish everyone a Happy 2020! And if you want to add a little extra care this year, please get in touch to meet LeO!

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