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Happy to chat with you, but it’s really all about the data…

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Happy to chat with you, but it’s really all about the data…

You’ve most likely interacted with chatbots in your everyday life. The ease of communication or maybe that happy feeling you get when a bot has helped you cross something off your list is likely what remains fresh in your mind. However, chatbots are not just about chatting; they are about data.

The insurance industry is waking up to the power of its data, and now everyone wants it. Information about your clients’ lives, their preferences, and their decision-making processes provide valuable insights that can translate to better service and more targeted offerings. It may seem like powerful analytics tools are just out of reach for the insurance agent, but they are readily available through chatbots.

Insurance, slow to change, and known for excessive paperwork, is actively utilizing innovative AI technology. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners reported that more than 80 percent of large insurers in the U.S. have already implemented AI applications, including chatbots. Additionally, over forty insurers have integrated these bots into their day-to-day business. Big data and chatbots aren’t exclusive to Fortune 500 companies, however; they’re for everyone looking to take their business to the next level, including small businesses and insurance agents.

Here at LeO, we aren’t just a chatbot service; we’re also a data channel that is tailored specifically to the needs of the insurance industry. The versatility of our chatbots allows users to type without character limits about whatever they want, creating an opportunity to collect copious amounts of data. With LeO, insurance agents have the potential to access powerful data that would be impossible to process the old-fashioned way.

LeO clients have the opportunity to access data right from their dashboards and gain helpful insights into what our chatbots learn from client conversations. It’s that simple. We’ll notify you about what kind of questions customers are asking. If the same questions show up, that might signal that something is not clear on your website, giving you room to improve your company and clients’ experience. LeO can tell you if a customer is thinking about making a switch or if they mention your competitors. We can also advise you on the best times of the day to approach a client about an upsell, whether it’s via the chatbot or a simple phone call.

With an easy-to-use chatbot that doubles as a data channel, you can revolutionize your company. At LeO, we’re ready to help you elevate your business and forge ahead into the future of insurance.

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