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Flatten the curve and manage the gaps

We’re all a few weeks into working from home at this point, doing our part to flatten the curve as COVID-19 continues to spread worldwide. Hopefully by now, your company has begun to figure out how to address many of the obstacles we’re all facing in the insurance industry. But one challenge you may still be grappling with is customer care.

Insurance BPOs across the globe are scrambling, just as we all are, to find ways to work remotely. If yours is one of the many companies that use call centers, you may have a gap in service right now. Maybe you outsource offshore. Maybe you work with a nearshore or domestic partner. Either way, if your BPO is experiencing a temporary reduction in capabilities, that can leave you without the front-line manpower to manage essential customer service processes at a critical time.

Now more than ever, technology can help.

You can still deliver effective communication to make customers feel heard, informed, and assisted, even with today’s unique challenges. Instead of outsourcing to call centers, you simply need to outsource to technology. I’m talking, as you may have guessed, about chatbots.

Unlike a human CSR who may be unable to connect right now, a chatbot is always there. LeO chatbots can answer questions, provide quotes, handle claims and update policies around the clock – no human involvement needed. This reduces stress on your staff so they are able to respond only when necessary. And that means your customers can continue to experience support that’s fast and reliable. You can continue to be there for them when they need you most to respond to customers immediately.

We know that in these challenging times, it’s hard to think of implementing new technologies. But LeO can help you every step of the way with easy integration. Take advantage of our expertise in automating important processes! We’re here to help.

We’d love to show you more about what chatbots can do for your business. Please click here to schedule a demo with me:

Looking ahead, national catastrophes don’t stop for viruses. We’ll soon be entering hurricane season, followed closely by wildfire season, and it’s inevitable that insurance companies and agents will be even more overwhelmed than we all are right now. We’d be honored to help you develop a new customer care plan and get it in place before that happens. Let’s chat.

Yours in good health and good service,

Liri Halperin


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