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Connecting Dots

Supercharge Your Expertise with Personalized Sales Intelligence

leO: is a Personal AI Sales Assistant for insurance agents & brokers,
making sales information personalized
and instantly available

Supercharge Your Commercial Insurance Business with AI-Driven Lead Generation!

Elevate your prospecting game with timely insurance insights, seamless CRM and AMS integrations, and persuasive reasons to call for faster deal closures


Onboard within minutes


on the go!

Unlock 40 Million Prospects Enriched with Contact Details, Renewal Dates, Worker's Comp Insights, OSHA, 5500 Pension and Welfare, Department of Transportation Data, Benchmarking Trends, Analytics, and More for Informed Decision-Making

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Cross-Selling Made Simple

  • Run cross-selling reports within seconds on your phone or desktop

  • Recommended converges based on similar accounts

  • Stay in front of your top customers - just ask LeO "show me cross-selling for top 20 accounts"


Build a Profitable Funnel

  • Create prospect lists  based on  revenue or employee size

  • Match your top accounts with over 40 million businesses, bringing over key contacts, recommended coverages, and more

  • Ask for referrals by building  a prospect list based on your customers' data


Empower Your Agency

  • Onboard new producers faster than ever before

  • Attract new producers with leading edge technology

  • Decrease the time to validate a producer

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Trusted by Great Agencies and Partners

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Boost Productivity

Like Chatting
with a Friend

Using LeO is as simple as talking or texting with your friends, LeO users are up and running in minutes.

Automate Prospecting

Finding leads is easy. Finding prospects is harder. Finding qualified business that match the most profitable accounts
in your book of business
takes LeO.

Find Information

LeO brings the data to you, using Machine Learning to access valuable information from your book of business and millions of external data points.



Sell more products per client by comparing customers' coverage types to similar accounts.  Generate detailed cross-selling reports
in seconds.

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